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Dr Rumbie

Dr. RumbieM, brilliant and witty co-host! A medical doctor with an MD degree and a keen interest in dermatology, she adds a unique perspective to our podcast. Driven by her passion for healthcare and a desire to educate, she brings valuable insights and a touch of humor to our discussions. While her expertise extends beyond dermatology, her enthusiasm for the subject shines through, captivating our listeners. Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey through various medical topics

Dr Andrew

Dr. Andrew is a fully certified and registered Medical doctor under Medical council of Tanganyika. With strong interest in Clinical medicine, Public health, research and Leadership. Dr Andrew believes in a youth lead initiative for improving the health of a community. This starts by knowing the nature of illnes and to understand in-depth tge contributing factors. Get ready to dive in deep conversations as he shares his thoughts and experiences of everyday worklife as a Doctor.

Dr Eugo

Passionate Medical Doctors with extensive experience in medical consultations, diagnosis and proper treatment plans.Empathetic and professional attitude,commited to prove the best patient care possible.Experienced in counseling ,preventive skills and life style adjustment programs. Working under various conditions to ensure proper health services among communities.

Dr. Sebbo

Dr. Sebbo Janet is an enthusiastic and energetic certified Medical Doctor who is deeply passionate about the prevention and improvement of community health care services. With a strong dedication to promoting wellness, Dr. Sebbo actively seeks ways to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities. Outside of work, you can often find Dr. Sebbo exploring the world, enjoying delectable cuisine, and indulging in the beauty of sunsets.

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